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Language Industry Philanthropy in 2009

18. March 2010 10:11 by derek in   //  Tags:   //   Comments (0)

One of the great things I’ve found being a part of the translation industry is just how much LSPs give back to their communities. As I was reading the Global Watchtower’s blog on Language Industry Philanthropy in 2009, it reminded me just how much we can do through our language capabilities and in creating a greener atmosphere.

This month, McElroy Translation announced our new Social Impact Leader, Anna Porlas O’Hara. Anna will be responsible for directing our philanthropy program, including vetting nonprofits for language translation scholarships and organizing volunteer activities and events for McElroy employees to participate in throughout the year. Anna previously worked for Hoover’s, Inc., from 1998–2007, where she participated in the Community Outreach program. As a founding member of the program, she helped create the volunteer and corporate giving program, spearheading the company’s support of the Heritage Society of Austin and the Austin Civic Orchestra. In addition, her interest in event planning and design led to a brief stint as a freelance events manager in the Austin area, during which time she coproduced a fund-raiser for a nonprofit health education website geared toward teens. Anna has a lot of great ideas and suggestions for the company, and we can’t wait to see where she takes us in 2010!

McElroy Translation has committed to making 2010 its greenest year ever.

  • Editing, proofing, and quality assurance steps are now done online, cutting down printer use by half and paper use by 90%!
  • There are recycling bins near every trash can in common areas.
  • Marketing collateral is printed in-house on preprinted templates, which means collateral is produced as needed to diminish waste when content needs to be updated.
  • Water bottles are being exchanged for a filtration system.
  • McElroy provides washable glasses for use in lieu of Styrofoam.

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