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The biotechnology field is changing the practice of medicine. One important driver is an increasing emphasis on collaboration among companies and institutions. In turn, this is expanding the demand for highly specialized translation services.

Combining biotech and pharmacology, the science of biopharmacology is not as new as most people might believe. Scientific research in this field was already global by the 1960s.¹ A biosynthetic insulin made from recombinant DNA technology was the first biopharmacological product to be marketed in the United States. Patented by Genentech in 1978, this synthetic "human" insulin earned FDA approval and was first marketed by Eli Lilly in 1982.

As the fields within medical biotechnology have expanded, so have the volumes of material requiring translation for research, patent applications, clinical trials, patient information, and marketing. This now presents biotech firms with the additional challenge of obtaining increasingly large volumes of translated content in emerging areas of biotech science. The resulting bottleneck increases translation costs and turnaround and can potentially impact quality.

McElroy Translation is proactively using translation processes and tools to leverage the expertise of superior biotechnology linguists to contain costs, reduce turnaround times, and ensure a consistent level of quality to meet regulatory requirements. McElroy works closely with leading IRBs, CROs, and sponsors to fine-tune processes and workflows to maintain the highest quality in clinical trial documentation for both pre-trial and post-trial documentation, including coordinating with their in-country reviewers, reconciling back translations, and delivering linguistic validation. With biotechnical expertise in more than 85 languages, McElroy is able to provide translations for ICs, protocols, clinical and case study report forms, patient diaries, preclinical documentation, and questionnaires for Europe and BRIC (Brazil, Russia, India, China) regions as well as South Korea, Japan, and South Africa.

1 The History of Insulin, S. Karger AG, Medical and Scientific Publishers.

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